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  1. Steve McQueen on white-washed Hollywood. (via afrolens

    When asked to explain why he thinks there are so few Black people or other minorities in film, McQueen replied, “Ask them,” referring to his fellow nominees on the round table, fellow directors, all of them White men.

    One of them pipes up, “Not stepping into that one!” No, please— step in! Don’t disavow yourself of any responsibility; don’t disown the situation. Not when every casting decision you make has the power to change. [Reminds me of the Best Actor roundtable Newsweek did in which Viola Davis touches on the difficulty Black actors have in Hollywood— Same story, different year.]

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    It’s ridiculous. The film industry as a whole is not interested in the stories of people who aren’t straight white...
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    "I’m a racist" doesn’t roll off the tongue real well. Neither does, “I’m not racist but I’m pretty confident my fan base...
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    Ugh, first attempting to deny sexism by name-checking a few women directors (and good job from the interviewer pointing...
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    This makes so much sense to me.
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