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"As for Holmes’s death, I don’t believe that Conan Doyle ever really planned to kill him off. That’s faithfully reported, but I don’t believe it. The way he’s killed off in The Final Problem… well, there’s no body, is there? So Sherlock is obviously not dead. Conan Doyle was a mystery writer, for goodness’ sake! I’m sure the plan all along was to “resurrect” him."

Steven Moffat, Radio Times (via forevvy)



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son, you really don’t get this source material, do you?

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bookmarking this for the next time (and every time henceforth) a Sherlock stan whines that CBS just doesn’t ~GET IT~.

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omfg are you shitting me

OK, no. Let’s clear something up. ACD did not take an EIGHT. YEAR. HIATUS. for the fuck of it, okay? You do not pull shit like what Moffat is saying over a time period that long, for a start. Also, the whole ‘never found the body’- come ON. Not every instance of a corpse not being found is a ~conspiracy~, even in fiction. Sometimes, a writer just thinks: hey, would they have actually found a corpse?

ACD fucking hated Holmes. Okay? I hate to break it to you, Moffat, I’m sure it breaks your heart. But he wrote Holmes for the money, and felt that the silly, serialized detective stories were overshadowing his ‘real’ writing. And he got pissed off, AND HE KILLED THE CHARACTER OFF. And when he resurrected him for more cash, he STILL HATED HIM and then you get the shitty, don’t-even-care later stories.

It is not a conspiracy. FUCK’S SAKE.

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